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Business & Administration Assesment Level 2 Unit 1

Unit hotshot Principles of ainized responsibilities and motioning in a pedigree surroundings Assessment You should engross this file to complete your Assessment. The inaugural thing you read to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk Then sound through your Assessment, rec on the whole to save your wee regularly When youve pa personaed, print go forth a copy to keep for rivalence Then, go to www. vision2learn. com and send your completed Assessment to your jitney via your My survey atomic number 18a make accredited it is clearly pronounced with your name, the feast title and the Unit and Assessment number.Please refer that this Assessment document has 8 pages and is made up of 7 segmentations. Name Michael David Harrison Section 1 get laid the employment right hands and responsibilities of the employee and employer 1. Identify four main points that would be acknowledged in a contract of employment. If possible, use an example contract to strengthener your answer (feel renounce to obscure every(prenominal) confidential information). The employers name , the involvement of commencement of employment,main situation of cause , and the salary lucre what would be paid to the employee for the job role. 2a) List cardinal linchpin points of legislation that instill employers in a line of credit nvironment. The tether key points of legislation that rival employers in a blood line surround ar 1. Employment law 2. Competition law 3. Consumer bulwark 2b) List three key points of legislation that affect employees in a business environment. Three key points of legislation that affect employees in a business environment be 1. Health and rubber 2. feed and pensions 3. Employment rights and responsibilities 3. Identify a range of places where a person rouse find information on employment rights and responsibilities. You should identify at to the lowest degree(prenominal) deuce internal and 2 externa l sources of information.A person can find information on employment rights and responsibilities intern each(prenominal) in wholey by asking line managers, or military host specia tends. and externally by going to local libraries and by legal originals. 4. divulge how repre moveative bodies can sustain employees. Representative bodies can support employees by audience to the employees ideas and suggestions what they have , also a nonher kind of support they can give to employees is they atomic number 18 thither for the employee if they always regress there job or atomic number 18 made redundant and can help with any problems with salary, holiday etc.They atomic number 18 there to give the employee supererogatory support if needed by the employee his/herself-importance. 5. Briefly key employer and employee responsibilities for equality and miscellanea in a business environment. You should give at least dickens employer responsibilities and dickens employee responsib ilities. Employers have the responsibility of no discrimination against any applicants when employing them for the job position needed treat colleagues sensibly with respect If possible, provide relevant equality and diversity procedures from your piece of rub d accept (or place of study) to support your answer.These documents should be annotated to high spot the relevant sections. there was a student who is dis satisfactoryd and he was in a wheelchair on the course i was on for business & retail , , all students and tutors treat him fairly as they did every atomic number 53 else , he was not treat any differently then anyone else as it did not make him feel like he needed to be treat differently , he liked to think he was cap adapted of things , and he really was and he was very clever. 6. Briefly excuse the gains of making undisputable as shooting equality and diversity procedures are followed in a business environment.Your answer should include one benefit for the employe r, one benefit for the employee and one benefit for the overall giving medication. Section 2 witness the suggest of health, safe and trade protection department procedures in a business environment 1. Identify employer and employee responsibilities for health, safety and security. endure a safe emergence prisoner place for personal belongings of the employees to be stored provide personal evasive equipment if work environment is in a factory/ construction charge etc. Ensure work environment is kept clean & tidy to deflect accidents in the workplaceIf a accident chances while in the workplace, always directly report it also present it in the accidents file Have to tell the employer closely any health & safety concerns they have that impart affect them or opposites around them Make sure hair is tied back , and no jewelry is worn when working in a ply area / machinery. must provide neccessary health & safety training for traineees/employees If possible, provide re levant health, safety and security policies / documents from your workplace (or place of study) to support your answer. These documents should be annotated to highlighting the relevant sections. . rationalize the purpose of following health, safety and security procedures in a business environment. To shelter the employees, any visitors , guests & clients that come in to the keep company. The purpose is to protect employees from accidents & illnesses , and to protect the employer from costs associated with accidents and illness 3. Describe three different ways of maintaining a safe and desexualize business environment. Always make sure all doors are locked , and outdoor fences to the work area are secure , make sure everything is fully secure when leaving the grammatical construction by setting the security warning deviceDo not give admittance to unauthorised mess i. e , no name badge etc twin fire alarm regularly , make sure everybody at the workplace knows where the des ignated area is to exit the building if a fire occurs , sound the fire alarm if a fire does take place to flat warn everybody in the building to evacuate to a safe area, check fire extinguishers annualy by professional fire service workers Section 3 recognize how to communicate inwardnessively with others 1. Complete the table at a lower place with descriptions of different orders of confabulation. You should include cardinal verbal, two non-verbal and two written methods of communication.Methods of communication Description Verbal communication 1. face to face one on one , or a group discussionconversation 2. treating on the phone Non-verbal communication1. 2. Written communication1. 2. 2. Using two particul becomed examples, explain how to choose the most appropriate method of communication to escort your call for and the needs of others. 3. Describe at least two ways of actively sense of hearing. Look at the speaker directly , with wide midriff contact , looking t hem in the eye when been spoken to or when speaking to them yourself. Avoid existence distracted by environmental factors.For example, side conversations , noises in the background such as typing clamorously on a keyboard, music from a radio set playing , or a loud overheard object in the workplace, stay focussed on what, and who you are listening to. Be sincerely interested in what the other person is talking about. If you have to pass on your views, say them only after you have listened. Section 4 ascertain how to work with and support colleagues 1. Explain the purpose of agreeing precedents for your own work. Give at least two reasons. so that you and others around you know what is judge of you in your job roleIf an employee doesnt have a standard of work or unclear then it is knockout for them to know what or how or when they should be doing it. The absence of standards makes it impossible for an employee to effectively monitor their own military operation. If work s tandards dont exist, then things are open to personal edition and this can lead to conflicting viewpoints. If some colleagues work to lower standards, it can affect the work of others. memorial tablet provides a foundation of work standards to check everyone knows what is take from them and from slew around them.As an employee, we should always make sure that we know exactly the work standards required of you. diversifyless standard clean, press and shirt tuck into the pant Behavioural standards acceptable behaviours in the work environment time keeping or all aggroup members should smile 100% of the time when greeting customers. move high standard for your work volition ensure that you produce only the best. This depart inculcate devout work ethics of delivering on quality at all times. 2. Explain the purpose of taking on new challenges and being able to adapt to change at work. There are some(prenominal) reasons for an organisation to change.New manager or adviser , requirements of their guest, introduction of new technologies, organization software, working practices, law and legal changes can effect challenges and change at work. For any employee, it is important to take on new challenges and adapt to changes because an organisation give never stays the equivalent. Employee who can adapt and spontaneous to change is more valuable than other who resists changing. Employee who emergency to advance or built up their career in the organisation must take on new challenges and adapt a role with added responsibilities and they will be notice or variation to others who will not change.For those who do not may locomote redundant, no longer fitting in with the business and in the longer term they can lose their jobs. The purpose of taking on new challenges shall they arise is vital to success. By not repugn oneself, the same pattern of mediocrity or self defeating posture persists. One cannot grow without moving onto bigger, better, and more ch allenging ordeals. Thus the benefits are that of self growth opportunities and a gaining of new skills and confidence. 3. Explain the purpose of treating others with honesty and consideration. The purpose of adapting to change is to understand the world is always shifting.There is never a moment where circumstances and situations do not change. The benefits of adapting are great- new situations are not scare but opportunities to grow, and with change comes new ways to self discover and repair. The purpose of treating others with respect, honesty, and consideration is to provide a hospitable environment. One cannot succeed alone- so very much the help of others is required to complete an important occupation. Also, social relationships aid in self confidence and imperative work completion. Getting along with others is also be to provide mental and physical health benefits.By listening and respecting one another, tasks get done much quicker and with higher quality and care. One s behavior is vital to the workplace because every person plays an important role in the community. One persons negative outlook can crack up the progress of those around that person. The workplace can forthwith become a hostile environment referable to the action or attitude of a hotshot person. Ideal types of behavior that display honesty, respect, and consideration are listening to others ideas and providing thoughtful feedback, being sensitive to the needs of others, pursuance a solution that will benefit all, ooperating with coworkers, treating others fairly and with dignity, among many others. Some negative behaviors are belittling coworkers, isolating oneself from the community, ignoring the opinions of others, having a selfish attitude, seeking for self advancement while disregarding the efforts of others, and cattle ranch false information about others are examples among other terrible ways of conducting oneself. Section 5 fill out how to plan own work and be accoun table to others 1. Explain the purpose of regarding work standards and deadlines when complete tasks in a business environment. an help multitude know what is expected from them and other colleagues dont want to let down employer , prove to them that your the right person for the task , and show them that you can handle the pressure to finish it when given up a deadline time/ date if you dont meet a deadline not only will you be affected , it will affect others in the company , and customers / clients 2. Describe two different methods that you can use to plan your own work in a business environment. make a to do list of things to do before starting on your work project / task prioritise the task and your work 3.Describe ways of keeping other people apprised about progress and compare their effectiveness. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each approach? Howgozit (Progress report) e-mails sent out periodically are best. Everyone gets notified at once. The hardest part is cre ating your e-mail distribution list. Also, it creates a written record of your status which is admissible in a court of law, if the need ever arises. everybody is notified immediately at the same time , so no one is unaware of anything have a group meeting to discuss everybodys progess in the work place face to face meetings would be time go through rawback is a colleague could be absent repayable to illness, or prior arrangments Section 6 Understand the purpose of improving own performance in a business environment and how to do so 1. Explain the purpose of continuously improving your performance in a business environment. To exceed your limitations. bring home the bacon personal goals. Impress corporate officials. Increase income if on a piece-rate. Self-motivation. Satisfation. 2. Describe at least two ways of improving your performance at work. Where relevant, dilate your answer with specific examples from your own experience. se feedback given in appraisals good or bad to improve your work , work with the manager to agree on a plan of action to improve your skills & attributes keep back team colleagues, and use feedback given from them to improve your own performance. pertemps example tutor was observed when i attended a work experience week by a lecturer.? 3. Briefly describe at least two different types of career pathways that may be available to you. Entrepreneur owning my own business accountancy Marketing Human Resources Economics Section 7 Understand the types of problems that may occur in a business environment and how to deal with them . Identify at least two different types of problems that can occur in a business environment. somebody could be absent delivery not turning up on time or at all not enough time , too many tasks equipment failing, not working not been able to meet a deadline colleagues not listening to instructions provided people not focussed on what they are supposititious to be , and therefore making mistakes internet a ccess could not work , leaving emails unreplied, not been able to make video conference calls , not been able to recieve invoices electronically , and not be able to patronize orders requested by a client/ customer 2.Complete the table on a lower floor by describing at least two specific problems that can occur at work and how they can be dealt with. Typing misconduct on a order form what has been sent to the delivery company , how to deal with it , call them and speak to the appropriate person who can solve the loose right away(p) , apologise , explain that it was a mistake made by a junior member of staff / trainee ProblemDealing with the problem1. 2. 3. Complete the table below by listing at least two problems you are able to deal with yourself and two problems you would need to refer to others to deal with (and how you would refer these problems). f there was a spillage on the floor , i would deal with it myself and clean it up right away to avoid any accidents taking place affecting myself or any of the other working colleagues if a machine got jammed , i would report it right away to the line manager if working in a factory based workplace Problems I can deal withProblems I would need to refer to othersHow are problems referred to others? 1. 1. 2. 2. Once you have completed all 7 Sections of this Assessment, go to www. vision2learn. com and send your work to your tutor for marking.

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