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Growing Your BusinessJoseph LeoniBus. CommunicationResearch PaperFor a company to reach foreign status the firms foundation must be rock solid. Once you have successfully started your business and continue to maintain the business the next step is to grow the business. Growing the business is inseparable to going global with the business for a couple reasons. One reason is that the be alone for going international are substantial. Your business needs to go from being profitable to very lucrative in order to fit the bill for overseas costs. The second reason growing your business is important onwards going global has to do with the companies success formula. What happens if your business starts booming overseas at an unexpected? With an understanding of how to grow your business here in the U.S. you will be able to reproduce the successful formula overseas as well.Before steps are taken to start growing the company its important that the company be as efficient as possible. This means that a very analytical view of the companies operations need to be addressed. Where croupe the company cut back on costs without hurting the company? Are in that location any redundancies? Cut back any unnecessary costs that seem fit, but keep in mind your employees morale can be affected by these changes which will in effect hurt the company. also ask what, if any, technologies you can implement to improve your profit margin. New technology is constantly coming out and its usually the companies that best implement it that dismount ahead and maintain efficiency.Once all the excess spending and redundancies are fixed its time to look at the different possibilities as there is always more than one way of doing something. With a successfully maintaine... ... rising another assessment similar to the first one is suggested. With growth of the business comes fresh variables and changes to the company thus effectively changing the company. Go back again to cut unnecessary spendi ng, keeping in mind employee morale.Franchising your business can be a very rewarding venture especially if your business success formula has been tried and tried again. Franchising can also be your way into the international market although it depends on each businesses needs. Food and consumer businesses usually do very well as the formula can be duplicated easily. Service companies are remedy possible to franchise but more difficult as they usually require people with special skills or training to get the job done. In general, franchising your business will lead to increased revenues because the customers for the product or service already exist.

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The Electric Light Orchestra :: essays research papers

The Electric Light OrchestraThe biggest compliment a set can get is to have another singer write a vocal symphony about how much they like them, as Randy Newman did in 1979 about ELO with the release of The Story of a Rock and Roll Band. In the song he say, I love their Mr. Blue Sky Almost my favorite is Turn to Stone And how bout Telephone Line? I love that ELO (Wild 5)The roundabout created in 1971 by Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, and Bev Bevan used cellos and violins to create a classical sound. Although Roy Wood left shortly after their first record was released. The idea came about when Jeff Lynne said to Roy Wood, What if we had a band with strings- real strings? (Wild 9) They were in The Move at the time and decided to create a band on the side. They called this experimental band The Electric Light Orchestra. Of the groups name Lynne re fragments, At the time people thought ELO was pretty bad. It was like The Electric Light what? The name was as wacky as the idea really. (Wild 9 ) Jeff Lynn was one of the most important members of the band. He was born on December 30, 1947 in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Lynne was interested in music turn he was still in school. When he was fifteen years his father got him a guitar. Though it was made of plastic and had only one string he practiced it all the time. (Petersdorff 3) Jeff was a big Beatles fan. Lynne is asked if he now admits to being a Beatles fan. I confess, Lynne says with a laugh. Im dead guilty of being a Beatles fan. (Wild 10)Another founding member of the band was Bev Bevan. He was born Beverly Bevan in Birmingham, U.K. on November 25, 1945. He formed his first professional band, called Denny Lain and the Diplomats, in 1963.He retired from music to become a furniture salesman, but then joined Carl Wayne and the Vikings. He then later joined The Move and helped create ELO. (Petersdorff 4) The third important member of ELO was Richard Tandy. Tandy was born on March 26, 1948 in Birmingham, U.K. At M oseley Grammar School he had been taught to play bass and guitar. Tandys first gig was at Solihull Civic manse when he was fifteen. He was in many different bands before joining ELO.

Students With Auditory Challenges and Mainstream Schools Essay

Students With Auditory Challenges and Mainstream Schools Hearing-impaired and deaf students can better succeed in life when educated in mainstream schools than beingness segregated in circumscribed schools because though they have special needs, they learn to communicate better with hearing individuals and can still attend special programs where teachers with special training can help them in their educational journey. Heather Whitestone, a deaf ballet dancer from Alabama, became the first Miss America with a disability, and Marlee Matlin complete her dream of becoming a famous actress, despite her hearing disability. While umpteen may look at these women in awe, by todays standards, they are not handicapped. While they may be auditory challenged, the stereotypic disability label has been removed in lieu of a more descriptive, slight demeaning alternative. Further, the way they view themselves and the way the public sees them weighs heavily upon their ability to live in a vociferous world. For deaf and seriously hearing-impaired children, many issues surface, particularly when considering educational. For many disabled children proper curriculum is not implemented in their education. Johnson has documented that deaf education largely fails, suggesting a lack of lingual access to curricular content as well as low expectations. He proposes a new model, which encourages the early use of American Sign nomenclature (ASL). Johnson, and other researchers at the Gallaudet Research Institute, insist that ASL will encourage both the ability to develop cognitive skills and improve the childs chances to learn face (Johnson 45-7). The proposal includes teaching sign language as the childs first language and encou... ...Markova, Dawna, PhD. How Your Child is Smart. Berkley Conari Press, 1992. Marschark, Marc. Raising and Educating a Deaf Child. New York Oxford University Press, 1997. Sawyer, Richard J. and McLaughlin, Margaret J., et al. Is in tegrating of Students with Disabilities Happening? Remedial & Special Education, 1 July 1994 204. Schmetzke, Axel. Disability-related Resources on the Internet. Intervention in School& Clinic, 1 Nov. 1996 69. Schwartz, Sue, PhD. Choices in Deafness A Parents Guide. New York Woodbine House, 1987. Vaughn, Sharon-Elbaum and Batya, E., et al. The effects of Inclusion on the Social Functioning of Students with Learning Disabilities. Journal of Learning Disabilities 1 Dec. 1996 598. Wilcox, Daryl J. and Wigle, Stanley E. Mainstreaming Revisited 20 Years Later. Education 22 March 1997 371-81.

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Utilitarianism Essay -- essays research papers fc

Utilitarianism                                                  The concept of sustainable development is an attempt to balance two good demands placed on the environment. The first demand is for development,including economic development or growth. It arises mainly from the interestsof people who live in developing countries. Their present poverty gives them alow quality of bearing and calls urgently for steps to improve their quality oflife. The second demand is for sustainability, for ensuring that we do not riskthe future in the interest group of gains in the present. This arises from the interestsof people in the future who will need access to a reasonable quality of life,non-renewable resources, unspoiled wilderness, and a healthy biosphere. Thesetwo chaste demands do conflict. In fact, economic growth is the prime source ofthreats to the natural environment.     We have a rough sense of what a good quality of life for manhood consistsof. Also, we support make some rough judgments about when a persons quality oflife has increased or decreased. Utilitarianism about future generations saysthat people should bet these increases impartially with respect to fourth dimensions. And,in particular, should not prefer a smaller increase in the present well-being tolarger increases in the future. We should try to maximize the sum of increasesin well-being across times counting future lives equally against those in thepresent. Our moral goal should always be to produce the great total of suchgains, no matter by whom they are enjoyed.     Utilitarianism has been extensively discussed by philosophers, and manyobjections have been raised against it. Two objections are especially germane(predicate)here. First, utilitarianism i s an extremely, even excessively demanding moralview for most humans. If we have a duty always to bring about the best outcome,than any time we can increase the well-being of others (which is just about atany time), we have a moral duty to do so. There is no moral time off, no moralrelaxation, nor is there a moral holiday. Humans are always duty bound tosac... ... we can see that eachgeneration should bring in on to its successors a range of opportunities that allowsfor a reasonable quality of life. However, it should not be seen as a duty. Ifit is seen as a duty, then most humans may be turned off by the prospect oftaking care of their environment for future generations. If it is seen byhumans that our environment is a precious jewel, then we will more than likelywant to share it with our future generations.Works Cited1 Brian Berry, "Intergenerational Justice in Energy Policy." In D. MacLeanand P. G. Brown, eds., Energy and the Future Totowa, NJ Rowan and Littlefield,1983 pp.274.Resources1. Barry, Brian. "Intergenerational Justice in Energy Policy," in D. MacLeanand P. G. Brown, eds., Energy and the Future Totowa, NJ Rowan and Littlefield,1983.2. Danielson, Peter. "Personal Responsibility," in H. Coward and T. Hurka,eds., Ethics and Climate Change The nursery Effect Waterloo WilfredLaurier UP, 1993.3. Sidgwick, Henry. The Methods of Ethics, 7th ed. London Macmillan, 1907.4. World Commission on Environment and Development. Our Common Future OxfordOxford University Press, 1987.

Shakespeares World Essay -- essays research papers

Shakespeares World     Almost invariablyy nation on earth reads, studies and performs the works ofWilliam Shakespeare. No writer of any country, nor any age, has ever enjoyedsuch global popularity. Neither has any writer been so praised. As WilliamHazlitt observed, "The most striking peculiarity of Shakespeares mind was itsgeneric quality, its power of communication with all opposite minds." It is possiblythis quality that has earned Shakespeare the supreme accolade, that of lendinghis name to an era. Other than a monarch or an emperor, few can boast that atime or place is so exclusively theirs. As we talk about Napoleonic Europe orVictorian England, so we speak of Shakespearean London or the Age of Shakespeare.No other artist, let alone writer, has had their name inscribed on such atowering edifice. "Thou in our wonder and astonishment, hast built thyself along-live monument," wrote Milton, in praise of Shakespeare.     S hakespeare is by far and without doubt the most popular and successfulwriter of all time. But what of the man himself? Who was William Shakespeare?     The life of William Shakespeare is shrouded in mystery. There is no set down of him receiving an education, buying a book or writing a single letter,and no original manuscript of a Shakespeare shoo-in survives. There is no directrecord of his conversations, and no one in his home town seems to have knownthat he was a successful playwright spell he was alive. There is not even acontemporary portrait to reveal his true appearance. Although a number ofmentions of William Shakespeare the poet-dramatist appear on record during the1590s and early 1600s, they comment only briefly on his writings, telling usnothing about the man. Less is known about Shakespeare than almost any otherplaywright of his time.     The orthodox version of William Shakespeares life is probably the mostwidely accepted Shake speare legend of them all. According to it, he was born on23 April 1564, in an upstairs room of a Stratford house in Warwickshire. He wasborn to John and Mary Shakespeare, and was baptized Gulielmus filius JohannesShakspere (William, son of John Shakespeare) three days later. His get ran asuccessful g whop making business on Henley Street. In 1565, his father ... ...ow range could hope to rise to a high position whilesomeone in a high position could expect to fall to a low position. All thesewould be brought about by a salmagundi in requirement or fortune. Some people believed thatthe people rose to a higher position during the spring and the summer, whilethey sank to a lower position during the autumn and the winter. However, it waslater noticed that such beliefs were very unpredictable. Like the belief in thezodiac, the Wheel of Fortune opposed the theory that fate was controlled by man.Instead, fate was believed to be controlled by the stars. This is why in theopening chorus of Romeo and Juliet, both of them are described as " starcrossed lovers" This suggests that the stars had already destined them to loveand then to die.     Shakespeare is arguably the best writer of all time, yet it isinteresting to know that so little is known about him. Perhaps no-one will everknow who the real William Shakespeare was. Only one thing is certainShakespeare may be dead, but his great works never cease to astound us and itmakes us wonder if any person will ever come to rival the maestro of EnglishLiterature.

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Beowulf is an Epic Hero Essay examples -- Epic of Beowulf Essays

Every heroic hero possesses certain heroic characteristics. The heroical poem Beowulf describes the most heroic man of the Anglo-Saxon times. Beowulf is the hero. He shows that he is a great man by always putting other things in front his own needs. He is important and needed by his people and is known by many as a strong, courageous and a helpful person. He shows all of the qualities and traits that a true hero possesses. Beowulf, like other epic heroes, possesses the following heroic qualities epic heroes are superhuman types of beings. They show great bravery, intelligence, force-out and resourcefulness. They have a strong admiration for the values of their society. They are dominant male figures and suffer severe pain, but in the end, they conquer evil. Beowulf encompasses all of these traits of an epic hero, and more. Analyzing Beowulfs three battles, one can easily see Beowulfs heroic characteristics prevail. The battle with Grendel, Grendels mother, and the dragon display an array of heroism show by Beowulf.One characteristic of heroism is that a hero performs outrageous and sometimes superhuman deeds. Beowulf is a prime example of this type of hero. He volunteers himself to deal Grendel and when Grendels mom seeks revenge he goes to the lake and takes on the challenge. He shows the great qualities of strength and power when, after fifty years, he takes on the dragon that has acquire a threat to the Geats. He always battles his enemies with pride. When it is t...

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The short story, Winter Dreams, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The short story, Winter Dreams, by F. Scott Fitzgerald holds lasting impact today, mainly for the authors efficacy to weave love, desire, emotion, and the moral fiber of an individual into a story. The underlying theme is centered on how charisma washstand drives a person to lose order of their true goal in life, thereby finding pleasure in selfish gain which results in eventual loss. I will develop an digest of characterization and theme in this famed short story. The story is a narrative account of Dexter Green, a reliable, self-assured individual who falls into the blade of infatuation of a beautiful wo humanness, Judy Jones.Ms. Jones is also a self-assured individual. She, however, bases her confidence on her outer peach, a beauty that intoxicates hands, bringing them to her knees. Judy represents intense passion, and she brings it out in men, empowering her own life. She leads Dexter to rather abruptly quit is work as a caddy because he yearns to impress Judy, and working as a caddy doesnt meet her expectations. At the time Judy is merely eleven years old. From a very young age, we see that Dexter is the kind of person who goes afterwards his dreams, makes a plan and follows through, but Judy alters this.The characteristics of Dexters disposition are made clear by F. Scott Fitzgerald in quick fashion. Dexters personality comes to light as Fitzgerald displays how astute, intelligent and confident the boy can be. Like Dexter, most of Fitzgerald s male characters choose to feel empowered at the cost of the real. Only a world of illusion, such as Judy Jones, that can handle her emotional intensity. For one, the story unfolds by casting a scene between a nurse and a young girl on the golf course. These women are having a heated conversation.Although Dexter is at a distance from the scene, he understandably witnesses the incident as troublesome. In the end, one girl raises a club at the different woman, a nurse. She raises the club as if she was goin g to pound her. entirely she doesnt follow through with her threat. Dexter finds humor in this. His ability to find the comedy behind such childish behavior adds to his own new-made wisdom. Heres a snippet of this scene, as written by the author Realizing that the elements of the comedy were implied in the scene, Dexter several times began to laugh, but individually time restrained the laugh before it reached audibility.Not only is Dexter smart enough to recognize this altercation as a staged situation, which is tho the ego of two people butting heads, but he does so without allowing this incident to alter his own mood. Whats even more humorous is that Fitzgerald uses two females in this somatic altercation on the golf course. Normally, the stereotype would be to place two men arguing while playing a sport. Not only does Fitzgerald squash the stereotyping, but he does so by having one woman threatening to nearly behead another woman with a raised club. This displays Fitzgerald notional knack for bringing humor into a potentially disastrous scene.Beyond this, Dexter is not concerned that this altercation might result in physical injury. He realizes their childish threats will go nowhere. This further strengthens his character. Not only is Dexter able to see that the fracas is not going to actually create violent, but, at fourteen years of age, his analysis of the scene adds to his character. Dexters characteristics come across as a young boy who can express for himself. For instance, he is shown having a conversation with a very established man of the community. Dexter is not the least bit intimidated by this adult presence.Dexter, instead, is comprehend by members of the golf course to be one of the best caddies. Dexter, then, makes a decision to quit his caddying job. He has higher aspirations and realizes that hes gotten all can out of caddying. A golf member hears of this and pleas for the young Dexter to continue to caddy for him, stating that he can make if very worthy to Dexter. In result to this plea, Fitzgerald wrote Youre not more than fourteen. Why the devil did you decide just this morning that you cherished to quit? You promised that next week youd go over to the State tournament with me. I decided I was too old. Dexter stands up for what he believes. He is not swayed by an adult figure with a high-standing position in, both, the championship world and on the golf course. The reader sees that elitism cannot sway the young Dexter from going after what he really wants in life. This is, in fact, very humorous for Dexter wants to be one of the elite. Years later, Dexter falls into the lustful vision of the very beautiful Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones is more that willing to use her outer beauty to gain countless new lovers. She does begin a relationship with Dexter when he is in his twenties.Judy Jones is even boasted about by three other men that Dexter plays golf with one day. These are, again, some of the elite men in society. They almost salivate as they discuss Judy Jones. Good-looking cried Mr. Hedrick contemptuously, she always looks as if she wanted to be kissed Turning those big cow-eyes on every calf in town Here, we can see Fitzgeralds light-hearted, almost comical, means of showing how mans desire can rule a person on certain levels. After this golf outing, Judy and Dexter begin a relationship. Dexter is rhapsodic about her.He isapparently for the first timeoverwhelmed with a new appreciation over having Judy in his life. Judy, however, is a hollow person and Dexter doesnt see this. This shallow characteristic in Judy represents people who are self-centered and seek to make gains by using their physical appearance instead of fit more knowledgeable. Her hollow personality is at the center of her world. All Dexter sees is her physical characteristics which nearly melt him into submission. She has the same affect on many other men in her life. Near the end of the story, Judy breaks off their relationship.She is too easily swayed by other mens advances and his financial status. Dexter is crushed by her departure, but he begins to renew his life and starts a relationship with a nice girl. This girl is less than glamorous but is filled with other worthwhile characteristics. Judy, then, runs back to Dexter but he does not take her bait. Dexter then discovers through Delvin, that Judy has since gotten married and is raising a family. Now, however, Judy has lost her beauty and is be treated unfairly by her husband. This husband runs off with other women, leaving Judy alone to raise the kids.In closing, we see who cleverly Fitzgerald develops theme and storyline. Fitzgerald also knowing how to shape his short stories to meet the needs of magazine readers while, at the same time, using these serious themes as springboards into longer fiction. Winter Dream is centered about characterization. Its the characters and their interactions with one another that make this story so empowering. Its impact is still felt today because so much of society continues to be tricked by external beautys advances. For, the true beauty comes from deep within the heart and soul of a person who shares their life instead of taking payoff of others.SOURCESF. Scott Fitzgerald http// to the Short Story dhttp//

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How Macbeths Ambition Leads To His Demise English Literature Essay

What sort of brainsick actions would person hold to make to turn everyone who he thought he believed was his household, his friends, his Alliess, his land, against him? Macbeth is a adult male with aspiration, excessively such(prenominal) aspiration, which in the terminal leads to his tragic death. He begins as a baronial Scots Godhead, loves his married woman, friends with merely about everyone in his state. But his greed, his lecherousness for power, is what drags him down. His sentiment is skewed he can merely see thoughts that will assist him obtain what he wants. The purposes of this essayBanquo. He was at that place when the wiches gave himself and Macbeth their phantoms, Banquo knows, Banquo suspects Macbeth of the Murder, because Macbeth had a demand to make so. But when Macbeth picks up on Banquo s intuition, Macbeth decides to move hurriedly. He hires 2 liquidators to kill Banquo, but besides sends a 3rd liquidator to go along these first 2 liquidators in line. This i s a mark of Macbeth s paranoia, that he ca nt swear these work forces who are making immoralities for him. Macbeth knows that Banquo, and his boy fleance, would be feeler to the banquettehe has organised for the Scots Godheads. But Macbeth knows that Banquowo nt be f any ining them that dark. Macbeth s paranoia is still increasing, he is willing to kill his best friend, and his boy to remain on the throne and maintain the prognostication from coming true. Subsequently throughout the drama, Macbeth begins to lose his sense of humanity. He loses so much, in fact, that when he finds out about Macduff s fleeing to England, he sends some liquidators to kill his household. His fury and authoritarian nature at this point sends him to make the most evil things without believing about it. This action, killing Macduff s household, leads to the turning of Macduff, from ally to enemy. This is merely another twenty-four hours of work in Macbeth s head now, but to others, it is a atrocious, evil thing that he has merely accomplished.Macbeth begins to corner himself. He cuts himself off from the outside universe. His married woman, who he loved and cared approximately at the start, has become stray, she feels the guilt of killing Duncan, and is easy traveling mad. Macbeth is so concerned about keeping onto the throne, he loses all human emotion. The aspiration has taken over him. He merely thinks of one thing. The throne. He has lost all his Alliess. He has lost all his friends. But there is one thing that Macbeth has kept with him this whole clip, his aspiration, which is nt needfully a good thing. He has put everything he wanted foremost, and left everything that is of import last, and has sealed his ain ruin. His warped sense of what is right and incorrect, and how to makethings are skewed, he can non see the truth. His actions and whatever he does are wholly different to what another individual would name normal. In the terminal, he is describedas a dead meatman ( V.i x.36 ) by Malcolm, the youthful male monarch of Scotland.Macbeth s ruin is a consequence of his tragic defect which is his overreaching aspiration, which oerleaps itself ( cubic decimeter, vii,27 ) . It do him non recognize that his desire for power became an neurotic trait because of it he was neer to the full satisfied with the power that he had. This made him travel on murdering after the first slaying which crowned him king. In the terminal he became a autocrat and his ain people lead him to his decease. Macbeth s position of world became deformed. He saw things in such a manner that were in his favor merely. This impaired his judgement which in bend lead him to do the incorrect determinations. The incorrect determinations that he made resulted in his drub and unsightly decease. Through Macbeth s changeless demand to carry through his aspiration he became really involved with himself and failed to take other people into consideration. This made him lose his feelings towar ds people particularly those that cared for him most. In the terminal this loss of emotion left him entirely and it lead to his ruin.These traits that Macbeth developed throughout the drama are ascribable to the fact that he could non derive control of his aspiration that grew more with clip and lead to his tragic death.

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Jesus the Son of God: Gospel of Luke Essay

According to the book of Luke, rescuer is presented as the savior of both Israel and the whole human race. The birth of deliveryman was foretold by angel Gabriel when he appeared to Virgin Mary (Luke 126 38). He announced that Mary would feast birth to a child whose name would be the tidings of the Most full(prenominal). Since Mary was a virgin she wondered how this would be but the angel told her the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you (Luke 1 35). Indeed this would be a special birth. Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph who was in the linage of King David.This had to be, in the fulfillment of the Old Testament prediction that the Nazarene was to be born in the lineage of David. Jesus birth happened in Bethlehem, in manger and a great company of paradisely host appeared with the angel praising matinee idol (Luke 1 13) Shepherds came to see the baby at Bethlehem. At a very new(a) age of 12 years Jesus already knew who he w as and everyone was amazed at his understanding and his answers. Jesus knew he was the Son of God because after 3 solar days of search by his parents at Jerusalem they found him at the temple.Upon asking him where he had been, he wondered why they were searching for him yet he was in his Fathers house. (Luke 249) Jesus dramatic baptism also went further to prove that Jesus was not an ordinary person. As John the Baptist was baptizing Him, heaven was heart-to-heart and the Holy Spirit descended on him in the form of a dove and a voice came from heaven declaring You are my son whom I love, with you I am well pleased (Luke 3 22). Jesus lineage revealed that he was in the lineage of Adam who was the Son of God. Satan also was fully aware of the Sonship of Jesus while he was tempting him in the desert.He wanted Jesus if he was the Son of God to turn stones into bread. (Luke 4 3) It is worth noting that while it took a long time for the raft including his disciples to notice that Jesus was the Son of God, the demons or evil spirits could immediately recognize he was indeed the Son of God. (Luke 4 34, Luke 8 28). In such instances, the demons identified him as the Son of the Holy one of God. Being the Son of God, Jesus had the power and authority to give orders to evil spirits he was able to perform various miracles including raising some people upon the dead.Simon was the first person to come very close in identifying whom Jesus was, this could be seen when Jesus performed the miraculous catch of fish. Peter was so amazed that he became afraid, realizing who Jesus was. (Luke 5 8). Jesus also had the authority to free sins. It is worth noting that this was very symbolic because no one else could forgive sin apart from the person sinned against, who was God. Through extinct his teachings Jesus constantly used parables to teach, no other(a) parable came close to describe him as the Son of God than the parable of the tenants.In this parable, Jesus describes how the owner of the vineyard (God) would send his Son (Jesus) because the people readiness respect him but they threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. This was also a prediction of his death. While Jesus was passing through Jericho, we also see the blind mendicant adding another tag to Jesus, Son of David (Luke 19 38 39). This how the people then understood who Jesus was, the son of David. From this account, it seems people only knew him as the son of David. However, Jesus clarified further, who he was.Although he did not say directly, he cleared the air on the issue of whose son he was. He quoted Psalm cx 11 to indicate that David called the Christ Lord thus Jesus could not be Davids son. During the last supper, Jesus continued to predict his betrayal and death. He intimidated to his disciples that he was conferring the Kingdom to them just as God his Father had conferred it to him. At the Mount of Olives just before his arrest, Jesus was in anguish and beseeched God his fathe r to take the cup (death on the cross) from him. The cup could not be taken away because his mission had not been accomplished yet.Jesus in around cases also identified himself as the Son of Man (Luke 5 24, Luke 6 5, Luke 7 34). This was another way of saying the son of God. Peter later merely defined who Jesus was. When Jesus asked his disciples who he was, Peter pointed out that he was The Christ of God to which Jesus retorted that this should strictly not be told to anyone. Jesus in this case perhaps did not want to receive undue attention especially from the establishment because he would turn out to be a little terror to the authorities and his mission of seeking and saving those who were lost would not have succeeded.It was after Jesus had sent out the seventy-two who he sent out two by two and they came back full of joy because of their accomplishment, that Jesus for the first addresses God directly as his Father (Luke 10 21 22). Jesus here acknowledges that his Father ha s committed everything to him, and he reiterates that no one else knows who the Son is except the Father. We learn from here that for anyone to know whom the Son is it has to be revealed to him by the father- God.This is the condition why despite how obvious it was, many people of Jesus time including his disciples could not understand who he was. While Jesus could not reveal himself to the people while he was running his ministry, this was to change when he was to come the second time. The Son of Man after facing many sufferings will have his day which will be like the lightening (Luke 17 22 37). After Jesus arrest, he was then taken before Pilate and Herod, but before that, the teachers of the honor and the chief priests interrogated him to find something to accuse him with.When they asked Jesus who he was, he affirmed indeed he was the Son of god and they found grounds of Blasphemy to fleur-de-lis Jesus with (Luke 22 66 70). By declaring, he was the son of God it meant he wa s equating himself with God, which was blasphemy. The solders also used this basis to mock him, challenging him if he was the Son of God the Chosen one to save himself. After he resurrected a proof that indeed he was the Son of God he ascended to heaven but promised the Holy Spirit who the Father had promised.REFERENCEScriptures have been taken from the Holy Bible (NIV). 1984 International Bible Society.

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Possible Outcomes of Overpopulation

Possible Overpopulation Solutions The human population growth of the last century is tremendous. It required only forty years later on 1950 for the population to double from 2. 5 billion to 5 billion. The factors affecting global human population are very simple. Theyre fertility, mortality, initial population and time. India, China and regular army are the top countries that are currently in crisis because of overpopulation. Many of our basic resources are strained such as, fare one out of every sevener people alive, go to bed hungry. 5,000 people die of malnutrition and hunger-related diseases. In some(prenominal) regions childrens asthma has risen dramatically because of the air quality (www. howmany. org). Since this is happening, a result efficacy be that there wouldnt be enough food, water, or shelter and therefore these numbers will increase. Scientists say solutions to this situation would be to plan out how many kids you want and use birth control.Some scientists think that the Government should adopt the slogan Patriotic citizens stop at two children and adjust tax and other policies (wmwnbcnews. com). instruct Questions 1 . Its really feasible to control how many children a person has. In order to maintain urrent population, 1 kid per person is required. 2. We obtain nix from natural resources, fossil fuels, and nonrenewable energy. We would need more energy. Sometimes burning resources such as coal causes pollution. 3.Disease that spread fast in crowded conditions is food poisoning, typhoid fever, tetanus and polio. These diseases can be treated and prevented with proper methods. 4. 14,475 deaths per day in India the let vultures eat the dead its not practical to use put down because of the growing population. Yes, building houses. 5. We need to conserve land and soil because we need somewhere to build houses and farms. . When land becomes a desert, this would be a problem because zero point grows in the desert. 7.Some residents get theirs from wells, some from city water in the ground 8. No, you cant add or lose water. 9. We would need a bigger hospital and a lot more schools we would Just need to expand almost everything to adjust properly. 10. Yes , people will fight for what they need. Immigration would increase people would crusade to places with the most resources. 1 1 . There would be less demand for animals which would give us more land 12. China, India and the USA. Possible Outcomes of Overpopulation By kiara_shonte

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Asl: Going Deaf for a Day Essay

Going deaf was a different experience for me. It was the most difficult quarrel Ive ever done. It completely sucked that I couldnt use most of my electronics. I couldnt use my phone to call my mom but I was able to text her. I couldnt listen to music which was the worst because I have to listen to music when Im working out, provision or doing work for school. But being deaf wasnt all that bad. One of the best things of being deaf was not listening to my mom repineMy mom couldnt get mad me because she knew I couldnt hear anything. It was also very peaceful around the house for me. I dont have to listen to loud vehicles that come down my street, neighbors dog barking and my neighbors loud spanish music. There some things that I did have to determine to my daily life. I usually have to call my younger sister to tell her that the food is done or clean her room, but my sister neer hears me so I have physically grab her attention.Instead I used a bell to call her or throw a clod at h er to get her attention. Also I usually watch my anime shows but since I cant hear anything, I watched it with subtitles without sound. People usually responded to me screaming at me but they forgot that was going death for a day. My mom had throw something at me to get my attention and my sister would grab me if she needed anything. Or they would write their questions on paper but most of the time I would read their lips There were few difficult things that I went through.When I have no internet, I couldnt watch my anime or other shows. I had to put my phone on vibrate and always to have it with me. There wasnt much difficulties besides these but everything else was easy. Im Khmer/Laotian and it was seriously for me to understand my grandparents since they dont speak english. I learned that without hearing, its hard to communicate with other people and family. Without language, its hard to understand somebodys culture.

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The Main Reason for the Increase in the Divorce Rate Is Changes to Divorce Laws

According to the item the proportion of marriages ending in break has increased from 27,000 to almost 55,000 between 1961 and 1969. Although the changes in law might have an push on the divorce post of couples, I think that other factors atomic number 18 just as of import or maybe even more important than changes to the law. The divorce reform act was introduced in 1969 and so couples were able to get a divorce without needing to prove adultery, cruelty or desertion. But to decrease the divorce rates, the government only accepted divorce requests from partners that have been living separate for at least 2 years.This law only increased the divorce rate as the item suggests that from 1969 to 1973 divorce rates doubled again. Another factor that could have an impact on change in divorce years is changes in position of women. From 1959 to 2005 the proportion of working women increased from 45% to 70%. This shows that women are now more independent due to changes in their economic p osition so it is correct to say that availability of welfare benefits means women no longer have to be financially supported by their husband.Feminists rightly argue that the more independency of women creates a new source of conflict between couples, leading to more divorces. This argument is logical, because women tend to get divorced because they know that they can seduce money and live independently in society. Also, Decline in spot and changing attitudes could be causing divorce rates to increase. According to Since 1960s stigma has declined and divorce has become more socially accepted. Wilson (1966) argues that this reduction in stigma is a result of secularisation, the decline of religion in modern society. less than one-half of todays marriages involve religious ceremonies.He also believes that the attitudes towards the effect of divorce on children might have been shifted. In conclusion, although changes in law, decline in stigma and changing attitudes are reasons for th e increase in the divorce rate, I think that the change in position of women has the most impact on the increase of divorce rates because in the last decade women have gained many new rights in terms of the vote, employment and education, and the rise in divorce may reflect this shift in their position within society and make them less willing to accept marriages that do not fulfil their personal needs.

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Anatomy and Histology of the Small and Large Intestine

Anatomy and Histology of the Small and Large Intestine MACROSCOPIC FEATURES Small Intestine The small bowel is a specialized tubular structure within the abdominal cavity in continuity with the bear proximally and the colon distally. The small bowel increases 20 times in space with aging, from 200 cm in the newborn to almost 6 m in the adult, and its length is approximated by three times the length of the infant, or height of the child or adult. 1 The duodenum, the most proximal portion of the small catgut, begins at the duodenal bulb, travels in the retroperitoneal space around the head of the pancreas, and ends on its return to the peritoneal cavity at the ligament of Treitz. The death of the small intestine is suspended within the peritoneal cavity by a thin, broad-based mesentery that is attached to the screwing abdominal wall and allows free movement of the small intestine within the abdominal cavity. The proximal 40% of the mobile small intestine is the jejunum, and the re maining 60% is the ileum.The jejunum occupies the left upper portion of the abdomen, and the ileum is positioned in the remedy abdomen and upper part of the pelvis. No distinct anatomic demarcation exists between jeju-num and ileum. Visual scrutiny of the luminal surface of the small intestine reveals mucosal folds, the plicae circul atomic number 18s. More numerous in the proximal jejunum, the plicae circulargons lower in number in the distal small bowel and are absent in the end ileum. Aggregates of lymphoid follicles are scattered throughout the small intestine but are found in highest concentration within the ileum, where they are designated Peyers patches.Peyers patches normally are more prominent during infancy and childhood than they are in adulthood. The small bowel is in continuity with the colon at the ileocecal valve, which comprises two semilunar lips that commence into the cecum. The ileocecal valve provides a barrier to the retrograde flow of colonic contents into the small intestine. This barrier appears to be a function of the angulation between the ileum and cecum that is maintained by the superior and inferior ileoceal ligaments,2 and a true tonic, sphincter-type shove does not appear to be present in this region.Colon and Rectum The colon is a tubular structure around 30 to 40 cm in length at birth in the full-term infant. In the adult, the colon measures 1. 5 m, about one quarter of the length of the small bowel. The diameter of the colon is great in the cecum (7. 5 cm) and narrowest in the sigmoid (2. 5 cm). The colon is continuous with the small intestine proximally at the ileocecal valve and ends distally at the anal verge ( Fig. 93-1 ).The external appearance of the colon differs from that of the small bowel, because the longitudinal muscle fibers of the colon coalesce into three discrete bands called teniae, located at 120-degree intervals about the colonic tour tenia liberis, tenia omentalis, and tenia mesocolica. The teniae s tart at the base of the appendix and extend continuously to the proximal rectum. Outpouchings of the colon, the haustra, are found between the teniae. Semilunar folds characterize the mucosa between the haustra. Sacs of peritoneum filled with adipose tissue, the appendices epiploicae, are found on the surface of the colon.

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Letter To Kenya Airways Papa Nestor And Mama Marie

congo believe you would not be world socially responsible in any sense, but would be complicit in any harm that would come to them. Papa Nester Will be 70 age of age in November 2011 and mammy Marie is 63 years old. Their immediate family here in the UK fear for their lives if they ar returned to prohibitionist. The Home Office Policy states that it is the decision of the carrier as to whether they carry people who are being forcibly removed. In view of this I urge you not to allow Papa Nester and mammary gland Marie to embark upon the flight QUOI on Kenya Airways todayMonday the 11th of April 201 1 at 2000 hrs. Since 2003 Papa Nester and Mama Marie switch been surviving in the UK and have a gentle and sustained relationship with their son and their daughter, their respective(prenominal) families, their 10 grandchildren and one great grandchild born on 29/03/11 whom they may never incur if returned to the DRY Congo. Having twain fled the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRY) because of the persecution that Papa Nester suffered due to his participation in political activities as an active member Of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (SIDES) they sought and have been refused refuge here in the UK.Papa Nester has also participated in various Congolese Resistance groups in the K, such as Prepare (Alliance des Patriots pour la Reformation du Conch), CRY (Congolese Resistance Council) with whom he has attended various demonstrations. If this information is known to the authorities then they fear for their life as in that location are often reprisals for such actions by the Government in the DRY.The fact that the DRY government could soft arrest and kill members of UDP, Prepare or CRY means that Papa Nester and Mama Marie calculate clear and present danger if they are returned to DRY. If this planned removal goes ahead then their family seriously mistrust that they will ever be able to see their parents and grandparents again as their health is not unafraid and it is thought that following the recent death in February of this year of their beloved son in the DRY and the stress of this removal they may both deteriorate rapidly.Since the untimely death of their son they have spend time in Slough with their daughter trying to recover from what is a difficult period in both their lives. To lose a parent is hard but for a parent to lose a child as a parent is often unbearable Coupled with this is the fact that without the access they use up to not only the support of their immediate family but also to the practical support they are offered by the health and care services here they will be unable to survive in the surround which currently exists within the DRY for older people.Having their parents sent to DRY is not something that their children want as both their son and daughter and their families are willing and ready to support them fully and take them into their homes and have them living with them without the need for reco urse to public funds. We the undersigned now ask your company to act as a socially expansible organization and keep Papa Nester and Mama Marie safe in the UK within the loving bosom of her family.

Cultural Patterns between the Sugar Industry and slavery in the Caribbean Essay

The origin of the Caribbean The Guanajatabey deal were among the earlier inhabitants in the Caribbean island, who migrated from the forests of the South American mainland in 5300BC. They were a population of about 100,000 hunters, gathers and farmers. Recent research speculates that they whitethorn have migrated from the south of US substantiated by the resemblance of artifacts lay in in about(prenominal) regions. Additional enjoin suggests that the Guanajatabeyes were driven to the island by the arrival migrants, Taino and Cioney from the Orinoco delta in Venezuela. Colonization of the CaribbeanIn the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the expansion of Europeans took 2 directions. Towards the west coast of Africa where raiding and trading of products interchangeable slaves, pepper ivory and gold was involved, and towards the Atlantic island which the Europeans collected products like honey and timber (Jennifer 1994). Eventually though, the colonists returned to settle and cul tivate wheat and sugar since in that location was no arable land in Iberia. Sugar proved to be a very profitable goodness to produce but it needed huge tracts of land plus great labor force for production.As a result sugar and slave administer became entwined in the European exploitation in the Atlantic Islands and eventually spread to the Americas. Many think of the Caribbean Islands as a place for a get away vacation. The historical background tends to differ though. The island has come along way after colonization and slavery for many a(prenominal) years. The settlement of the European in the Caribbean began with Christopher Columbus in 1492. Procession of an intricate feudal commission start out him a long-term governor of all land discovered and in any case earned him a carve up of all trade conducted.Caribbeans encounter with the European trans create the culture in the Atlantic Island touching the lives of millions of people. It decimated its native population and int roduced plantation agriculture. Sugar was one of the commodities that came with Christopher Columbus. It was a salaried commodity that incited the Europeans to commence plantations in the Caribbean. Sugars long history in the Caribbean lands includes the dreadful era of slavery and just as dreadful era of indentured labor.Being the primary economic structure in the Caribbean, it resulted in remote wealth increase and underdevelopment of internal markets and brotherly classes. The colonists exploited the interior regions of the island to increase profits in the industry. They withal enslaved Africans and indentured Asian laborers. They imported slaves from Africa to work in the sugar plantations. knuckle downry in the Caribbean Since slave trade was illegal, the Europeans used the Middle Passage. It was a very unpleasant and dehumanizing voyage. A good number of slaves did not make it to the different end.Dreadful conditions below deck, poor air conditions in the cargo, excruci ating heat plus unretentive supply of food and water were among the problems faced by the slaves. Only the strong ones survived the diseases like typhoid, measles, yellow fever and small pox in addition to vomiting and diarrhea from the poor food. A comparet from that, the conditions on the other end were just as appalling. In the mid 19th century, slave labor was greatly immoderate in sugar plantations (Marquez 1999). Plantation owners were dependant on slave labor since free labor was limited. With succession, the regard of sugar rose and with limited labor, production was low.The Europeans were in dire need of laborers. The indentured servants could not replete the high demand for labor. The plantations required a large amount of labor to be at par with the increasing demand. This resulted to further importation of slaves from Africa to work in these plantations. On the other hand at that place was a cost increase in the importation of labor at the time. With rising costs and limited time to indenture, African slaves were the alternative. With the introduction of African slaves to the plantation sugar production rose by 300% (Payne Jennifer, 1994).Slave trade became the order of the day. With time the population of slaves rose by more than 200%. The interests of the slaves were also snub despite the immense turnover from the sugar industry since most of it went to Europe. England would not only benefit from the lucrative commodity but augmented demand would thrust slave trade. Planting, proceedsing and bear on of sugar is tiring, ardent and dangerous. It also requires a gigantic amount of labor. The Africans were enslaved to work in these plantations despite the harsh weather (Conrad et al 1995).A vigorous adult was expected to till the land, plant and reap five acres of sugar. Slaves both adults and children would move row by row across the fields, planting thousands of seeds-cane stems manually. They would work from 6 to 6 with a break of two h ours at noon. During harvest, the slaves would work longer hours racing against the weather to steer clear of attacks by insects on the harvest. Processing the sugar was also done manually under harsh supervision. Harvesting and processing cane was just as backbreaking as planting. Processing the sugar was done immediately by male slaves.The condition in the processing rooms was so severe that the slaves had to rotate out all(prenominal) four hours, their limbs engorged from the heat and humidity. The slaves worked day and nights in the mills and sugarhouses with shifts lasting up to 18 hours during harvest to avoid bottlenecks in production (Simon and Schuster, 2003). Despite some planters giving extra food and drink to countenance competition in production, the result was due to coercion. The slaves were moderateled by threat and use of deadly force. In the 1770s, in that location was the introduction of anti-slavery movements in Europe.In 1787, The Society for the Abolition o f Slavery was established which aimed at raising universal awareness of the atrocious treatment of slaves. The fight however went on till 1807 when a law proscription slave trade was passed. Many other countries endorsed similar laws soon after the law was passed. In 1831, a colossal anti-slavery rebellion destroyed many sugar estates in Jamaica, inspiring the government to Parliament to delight in the Emancipation Act of 1834. The slaves who were still tied to plantation life were freed unconditionally.Most of the freed slaves acquired parcels of land on some of Caribbean islands for subsistent farming. For those who did not get went back to plantation work. Consequences of slavery in the Caribbean After the establishment of cutting colonization, there was the introduction of new cultures and languages. The world only focuses on Columbus as the great discoverer the new land and tends to forget the destruction and damages caused on the lives of the native people who were the fir st people on the Island. These people were almost wiped out by the brutal incursion of the Europeans along with their cultures and languages.There was division among the people which resulted from the introduction of different cultures, languages and values. The slaves that were also imported from Africa also brought along their different cultures and languages since they came from different region in Africa. Even long after slavery had been abandoned the economic and political structure that was used to control the Island still lingered. Former slaves were forced to work in the plantations but at minimum wage. top executive and social inequality There was introduction of many races and cultures in the slavery era. Classes were defined according to race, financial circumstance and culture.Despite the many cultural differences which continually impede the territories from merging, the Caribbean societies are trying to come together socially politically and economically in order to work as one nation. Facets of culture such as race, language, governmental systems, religion, history, values and morals among others differ in each territory and cause a parapet between them. The different cultures that resulted from slavery Several religious groups were started and developed from past experiences. Judaism and Rastafarianism are among the major ones that were formed from previous ones (Michelle 1986).There is a brawny bond between the two religions. They were bound by the oppression and persecution they went through in the past. Rastafarianism Rastafari history started with the colonization of Africa. The European colonists enslaved many Africans, divided them and sent them to exile as captives worldwide. The areas in which they were taken were named Babylon. The movement was initiated in 1930 in Jamaica after a prophecy made by a black political leader, Marcus Following the prophecy was the crowning of Emperor Haile Selassie 1 in Ethiopia He is known to them as t he Black Messiah, Jah Rastafari (Edwards 1999).The rituals and practices of the Rastafarians were adapted during the late 1930s and 1940s. Some of the practices are reasoning and binghi. logical thinking is done by the members gathering to pray and smoke ganja or marijuana considered a sacred herb. They would pass it around in a water pipe which they have likened to the Communion cup of the Christians in its symbolic meaning. Bighi on the other hand is anal night celebration consisting of dancing accompanied by idiosyncratic rhythms of Rasta drums. This is done to mark different occasions for instance Marcus Garveys birthday, coronation of Haile Selassie I and the carrier bag from slavery.Their deadlock hairstyle signifies the Blackmans pride for his skin color and hair texture. Rastafarianism remains to be a apology culture in many parts in the world. Despite experiencing an unstable social history in Jamaica, the movement retains a momentous moral influence that has spread its wings way beyond Jamaica. demonstration Nowadays, sugar is regarded the most common commodity. It is available everywhere and at very cheap prices. Conversely, there was a time when it was a very precious product desired by many. It was a luxury to many noblemen while the colonists considered it a way to make money.Sugar was very profitable back then and also very expensive. This lucrative commodity incited the Europeans to commence sugar plantations in their colonies especially in the Caribbean (Howard 1998) The demand for African slaves arose from the introduction and development of plantation agriculture, rise in the price of sugar, and need for miners. Africans were not only viewed as skilled laborers, but were also agricultural experts. Consequently, considering their high immunity for malaria, they were suited for mining and agriculture. Moreover there were serious consequences as a result of slave trade.All the same, there were positive results from colonization like urbaniz ation and civilization of the colonies. Works Cited Conrad, D. , Glenn R, Lucas, C. , and Ray. A Brief History of the lah Sugar Industry, 1795-1995. Center for Louisiana Studies, 1995. Jennifer M. Payne, Caribbean History, 1994 Marquez Slavosevelie, Slavery to Free Labor 1999 Michelle H. The Caribbean, and the World Sugar Industry. New York University 1986 Sidney W. 1986. Sweetness and Power The Place of Sugar in Modern History. New York, Penguin Books. Hagelberg, 1985

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“Let me hear it from the beginning,” said Inspector Dulles

Let me hear it from the beginning, say Inspector miscellany, as he scanned the forensic evidence originally him a Glock 17, with one bullet fired fingerprints on the handgun show those of the victim, Robert Green, 52 the medico-legal report showing the victim had succumbed to irreversible shock due to gunshot wound on the frontal region. On the early(a) s beat was the victims widow, Laura Green, 32. She wore a black dress and high-heeled shoes. But her eyes were interchangeable a hawks, cold and piercing and fathomless.My husband arrived on the usual hour, she said, as if dictating to a stenographer. He took a shower, changed clothes, and settled down before the TV set with a glass of Jack Daniels. He refused to eat when I told him dinner was set. At about eight he went inside his study and I followed. He was incoherent, bid he was angry with himself or something. Finally he took out his pistol from a draftsperson and shot himself. Mrs. Green stopped as if collecting her tho ughts, but she was motionless as a statue. I called 911. Then you came.Pardon me for being blunt, alter said, sipping from a glass of cold water, but I crumple Mr. Green has been seen around with another cleaning lady, Dulles said.Mrs. Green assumed a pained expression, but said nothing. Do you quarrel about such things? pursued the detective. No, said the woman. He knew I would disapprove, so he had tried to keep it a secret. But I have ways of knowing.Did you spy on him?The woman shrugged and pursed her lips.Dulles silently put down his glass. He handled interrogating suspects who flinched and cowered, but he could not penetrate this one. He has to try harder. So you found out, one way or another, and plotted your revenge. (No response). But you made certain(predicate) all his insurance policies were good and to your name just in case something happened (still no response). And you kept quetch at him, humiliating him in the eyes of people, making his life miserable, until he thought of filing for split up (Dulles thought he saw a gleam in the widows eyes).But you threatened to chagrin him by revealing all about all his philandering and kinky affairs if he persisted, and he became despairing and mad. (Here, the widows eyes slowly shifted from gazing into emptiness, like a machine gun turning on its swivels to aim at a new target the eyes of Inspector Dulles. He found it lamentable to look at it squarely, but he could not now stop). Then you pestered him no set aside until he could command no more and so he took his own life.NoInspector Dulles dodged as if to ward move out a blow at the same time he hear the sound of shattering glass. Turning to look, he saw tiny shards of what remained of his glass of water on the floor. He turned to look at the window, and was strike to see it wide open. Faces appeared suddenly at the door, puzzled. He waved them off. any(prenominal) vandal threw a stone from the street.He turned to look at Mrs. Green. But the malignant gleam he saw for one fleeting second was gone. She just sat there and stared at nothing. Dulles knew when a case led to nowhere this was a case of plain suicide. Im sorry, Madam, he said, piteous her hand, I didnt mean to be rude or something. You can go.The widow rose from her chair, like alighting from a throne, a queen about to address her admiring subjects. Dulles could not help noting her sensuousness, though humble of her skin, ivory white and flawless, is revealed by the black satin dress. She had looked insignificant, but now he found herself admiring the delicate curved shape of her neck, her slender limbs, her wicked inviting lips. He felt her attractive he was like moth drawn to a flame. analogous a wraith, she walked gracefully to the door and vanished.Two weeks later, Dulles found himself knocking at the door of her mansion.At 48, he was unmarried. He loved hearing old Fagins song in the musical Oliver as he deliberated whether to take himself a wife The f inger she will wag at me, the money she will take from me, the ruin shell make for me I guess I have to think of it again But this evening he felt himself like a moth drawn to a flame. He had postponed this trip and scorned himself for being like a junior on his prom date. He had left the office early while Dave, his assistant, change posture low over the computer. Although embarrassed, he mentioned to Dave he was dismissal to see the widow. He waited for Dave to laugh but was surprised to find the other in a sombre mood.Tell you what, Dave said. I found something about her. Shes not so pretty, but she has a way with men. You wont believe it, but shed been previously married to three men.Dulles chuckled. Well, Im not the marrying type.Dave continued. All her husbands had died, violently. One leaped off a cliff during a camping trip with the wife. Another drowned in a swimming jackpot for kids. And the last, as we know it, shot himself on the head.Was there foul play? Dulles aske d.There was no evidence to incriminate her, although she was always present in the scene of the tragedy. It was like she was always there to looker the unhappy end of a partner. Im not superstitious, man, Dave said, but I wont try meddling with that woman.Dulles was thoughtful as he pressed the door bell. He waited for a few minutes until the door opened. Laura was in black as usual, looking four-year-old and tempting and mysterious. She invited him inside. I have been expecting you, she said.Indeed? Dulles said. She did not look surprised after all. She asked for leave to fetch a drink for them. Left alone, Dulles stood up and surveyed the room. His gaze focused on the books on the shelf. She returned and gave him his drink. They engaged in small talk. Dulles had found the woman unattractive this time, and he berated himself for having fallen easily for her charm. Then he turned to gaze at her eyes and once more he felt drawn to her.I see youre a witch, Dulles said.Lauras eyes we re cold but no change came in them. Dulles went on I can see youre into voodoo and the like, telekinesis and that stuff. You know, I remember that stunt of yours in the office. No vandal ever threw a stone inside the office. I knew the windows were unkindly, had been closed for years. Nobody had opened them. The glass shattered by themselves. You did it by your mind, didnt you?Laura was silent. All your husbands, they died by your will, the billet of your mind over matter. Ive looked into your husbands records and nothing showed they were into some trouble. I suspect you did them in when they found out all about your witching stuff.Their eyes locked. Lauras were expressionless, then tears came into them. She cupped her reach on her face and wept inconsolably.Hahahahahaha Hehehehehe Harharharhar Dulles was convulsed with laughter. He embraced the weeping widow. I got you that time, didnt I?Laura looked up to the homosexual detective. What do you mean?Its all a joke. I made that u p.Laura was crying and laughing at the same time. You brute, she said.Two hours later, Inspector Dulles was at the wheel of his orange Mustang, happily relishing his intimate moments with the young widow. But as he made a turn in the twisting mountain road, he felt sick, not knowing why. Then he saw a car zooming up in the rear it was Laura on her convertible. Dulles slowed down. Dulles waited for her to come alongside and waved, but she did not smile.She just stared at him, their cars racing into the winding skyway, the drone of their cars engines like a throbbing drum. Then Dulles felt the Mustang going airborne, heaved by an unseen power. He panics and grabs the wheel, but it would not budge, and he turns to look at Laura, the roar of the Mustang like thunder in his ears, and saw her eyes widen, fierce and commanding and terrible, and as the car leaped out to space, Dulles opened his mouth to scream.

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Introduction Essay

Outline and Introductory carve up WorksheetCreate an outline and introductory paragraph in preparation for writing a complete Personal Plan due in Week Five. intent the following information to serve you with the content of your outline and introductory paragraph Ethical Lens take stock results.Career Interests Profiler resultsCareer Plan Building Activity Competencies resultsYour SMART goals, including those identified in the University of Phoenix poppycock Goal SettingUse the following to assist you with the writing of your outlineSample Outline in the CWEMyFoundationsLab The Writing ProcessMyFoundationsLab PrewritingOutlineIntroduction1. Topic Comparing my career interest results with my prior individualized opinion a. Subtopic Understanding my strengthsb. Subtopic How SMART goals fit in.2. Topic Competencies Resultsa. Subtopic Strengthening my Resultsb. Subtopic Improving my weaknessesUse the following to assist you with the writing of your introductory paragraphMyFoundatio nsLab Developing and Organizing a ParagraphMyFoundationsLab The Topic SentenceMyFoundationsLab Recognizing a ParagraphIntroductory ParagraphI have extremityed to go to college since I was twelve I believed it would be exciting to go to school as an adult. When I became a teenager I thought I had decided that I wanted to be a school teacher, but as we grow these things change. I then attempted college for something completely different but was unable to finish due to tragic circumstances. straight at twenty-six years old I have found what I truly want to do with my life. I took a career interest profiler, a program that provides you with possible occupations that match your interests. subsequently taking the profiler, I find I may slightly disagree. However, my results did show me new things about myself I did not know. From these results, I have created some SMART goals to help achieve my ultimate goal. After taking a competency test I realized I had some great strengths and wea knesses. I program to reinforce these strengths as well as improving my faults. With all this information, I plan to obtain a better understanding of myself and what my interests are so I may reach my career goals.

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Bank Muscat is the chief financial services giver situated in Coursework

Bank muscat grape is the chief financial services giver find in Sultanate Oman in southwest Asia - Coursework ExampleThe bank through its products and services to the customers has assigned a swipe position in the best banks in the region, for oer six years. It has also received other rewards in the last several years to recognize its exemplary products and services (BANK MUSCAT 2012). The biggest achievements of Bank Muscat in the last few years are attributed to their strategic capabilities in the market. In addition, the banks maturation of their market strengths results to well deserved competitive advantage everyplace the other financial service providers (ALLARD 2004). Reports evince that the banks capabilities lie in their ability to implement high levels of report standards, integrated governance, mergers and acquisitions, league and alliances, revolutionary products, and regulatory compliance. The accounting standards represent the principles that guide accounting practices. The International Accounting Principles (IAP) are accounting standards that are widely accepted as apt to the field of accounting (GROSSMAN & LIVINGSTONE 2009). The Bank Muscat ensures that they maintain high levels of these standards that entail how the bank prepares and presents its business income and expenses, its as snips and liabilities (STICKNEY 2010). As a result, the customers are attracted by the transparency provided by the bank regarding their operations. An amplification in the number of customers served daily enhances the competitive advantage of the bank. As a result, an increase in the customer base enhances profitability for the bank in the long-run (ALLARD 2004). Corporate governance is the set of systems and principles used to govern an organization such as Bank Muscat. It offers the rules of how the organization can be controlled in order to achieve their objectives (BESLEY & BRIGHAM 2011). Furthermore, Bank Muscat has received several awards in the implementation of collective governance. This is because corporate governance is done in a manner that adds value of the bank and proves beneficial to the stakeholders in the semipermanent (STEGER & AMANN 2008). The banks stakeholders include the shareholders, customers, management, and other individuals involved in the welfare of the organization. In 2012, Bank Muscat received the prestigious Hawkamah Bank Corporate Governance Award. The award honors the banks efforts of improving their corporate governance practices further than the legal and regulatory obligations imposed by their relevant jurisdictions. This entailed the introduction of an exceptional start to various corporate governance areas and the corporate social responsibility. As a result, the employees work to their full authorisation thus providing excellent services to their customers. This leads to the creation of customer loyalty thus maintaining the banks competitive advantage over their competitors (EVANS 2002) . Mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and alliances, are key Bank Muscat capabilities that have led to improved competitive advantage over competitors (BRUIJN 2002, COYLE 2000). It entails a corporate strategy that brings separate entities together to form larger business organizations (AMERICAN BAR connecter 2006). It also involves the assimilation of smaller businesses to a large corporation to minimize competition. Bank Muscat has exercised the mergers and acquisition activity to continue amassing customers and increasing profitability

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UCSP 3.1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

UCSP 3.1 - Essay Example discordant stakeholders (Koppleman, 2014) have ferociously deliberated prejudice, which refers to the preconceived notion about a person based on ones nationality, race, gender, credit and sexual preference among others. For example, when an individual is walking along a closed area at nighttime and a group of senior citizens approach carrying metallic and wooden objects on their hands, he or she provide not feel threatened. On the contrary, the person w stroke feel threatened when a group of young person men approaches him, even without any provocation from their end. In like manner, it has always been perceived that mentally ill persons are prone to violence. Thus, it has remained to be the case irrespective of statistics revealing that mentally ill individuals are no more violence prone than the ordinary people.Stereotyping, which refers to the aspect of adopting ideas about particular people even though such thoughts do not paint the real picture has similarly been a practice in the past and continues to be. For example, it has always been perceived that all politicians are philanders and that they only think of matters that benefit them in a way and make them richer. Racially, it has always been perceived that Muslims are terrorists, Russians are violent and do not apportion about reputation. In terms of gender, it has always been perceived that all women smell good and that they are tender towards the colour pink.Bigotry, which refers to the aspect of being intolerant towards anyone who holds a different opinion from yours has and continues to be practiced in various parts of the society (Koppleman, 2014). For example, it is common knowledge that Atheists are not always accorded the support they need, in some regions, they are not even allowed to occupy public office. In the contemporary society as well, a section of the society cannot tolerate gays.Though several human rights agencies

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APA Fundamentals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

APA Fundamentals - Essay ExampleWrite the Abstract in short and concise article of faiths that tell the story of the musical composition. The Abstract should be written after the entire subject has been completed. The Abstract should be located after the title page, but before the existence of the paper. Do not write the Abstract in first-person write the Abstract in third-person.Input and center the title of the paper at the top of the page. An introduction and dissertation statement header is not used and should not be included. The first sentence of the introduction should grab the attention of the audience of readers. It should be an original, broad statement, quote, or paraphrase. sign on down the broad topic to a specific argument that is worthy of research and constitution. Research document should be written in a narrative format. Write the paper in third-person refrain from writing papers in first- and second-person. Provide background, definitions, or other details about the topic that will financial aid the audience of readers understand the topic more effectively and writers logical flow of the paper. The introduction paragraph should lead into a specific or main topic, known as the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. The type of thesis statement used in this paper is the expository thesis statement. In this case, the expository thesis statement is one comprehensive sentence that displays three main argumentative points that the writer thinks are critically important for the readers to know.The writer needs to manners research about these specific opinions and support them with objective and accurate data. Here is an example of an expository thesis statement In order to write a great research paper, writers must understand intelligence information processing software, APA 6th Edition formatting, and how to structure content. Without a thesis statement, there can be no body of t he paper or conclusion.The body of the