Wednesday, May 15, 2019

UCSP 3.1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

UCSP 3.1 - Essay Example discordant stakeholders (Koppleman, 2014) have ferociously deliberated prejudice, which refers to the preconceived notion about a person based on ones nationality, race, gender, credit and sexual preference among others. For example, when an individual is walking along a closed area at nighttime and a group of senior citizens approach carrying metallic and wooden objects on their hands, he or she provide not feel threatened. On the contrary, the person w stroke feel threatened when a group of young person men approaches him, even without any provocation from their end. In like manner, it has always been perceived that mentally ill persons are prone to violence. Thus, it has remained to be the case irrespective of statistics revealing that mentally ill individuals are no more violence prone than the ordinary people.Stereotyping, which refers to the aspect of adopting ideas about particular people even though such thoughts do not paint the real picture has similarly been a practice in the past and continues to be. For example, it has always been perceived that all politicians are philanders and that they only think of matters that benefit them in a way and make them richer. Racially, it has always been perceived that Muslims are terrorists, Russians are violent and do not apportion about reputation. In terms of gender, it has always been perceived that all women smell good and that they are tender towards the colour pink.Bigotry, which refers to the aspect of being intolerant towards anyone who holds a different opinion from yours has and continues to be practiced in various parts of the society (Koppleman, 2014). For example, it is common knowledge that Atheists are not always accorded the support they need, in some regions, they are not even allowed to occupy public office. In the contemporary society as well, a section of the society cannot tolerate gays.Though several human rights agencies

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