Thursday, May 30, 2019

Students With Auditory Challenges and Mainstream Schools Essay

Students With Auditory Challenges and Mainstream Schools Hearing-impaired and deaf students can better succeed in life when educated in mainstream schools than beingness segregated in circumscribed schools because though they have special needs, they learn to communicate better with hearing individuals and can still attend special programs where teachers with special training can help them in their educational journey. Heather Whitestone, a deaf ballet dancer from Alabama, became the first Miss America with a disability, and Marlee Matlin complete her dream of becoming a famous actress, despite her hearing disability. While umpteen may look at these women in awe, by todays standards, they are not handicapped. While they may be auditory challenged, the stereotypic disability label has been removed in lieu of a more descriptive, slight demeaning alternative. Further, the way they view themselves and the way the public sees them weighs heavily upon their ability to live in a vociferous world. For deaf and seriously hearing-impaired children, many issues surface, particularly when considering educational. For many disabled children proper curriculum is not implemented in their education. Johnson has documented that deaf education largely fails, suggesting a lack of lingual access to curricular content as well as low expectations. He proposes a new model, which encourages the early use of American Sign nomenclature (ASL). Johnson, and other researchers at the Gallaudet Research Institute, insist that ASL will encourage both the ability to develop cognitive skills and improve the childs chances to learn face (Johnson 45-7). The proposal includes teaching sign language as the childs first language and encou... ...Markova, Dawna, PhD. How Your Child is Smart. Berkley Conari Press, 1992. Marschark, Marc. Raising and Educating a Deaf Child. New York Oxford University Press, 1997. Sawyer, Richard J. and McLaughlin, Margaret J., et al. Is in tegrating of Students with Disabilities Happening? Remedial & Special Education, 1 July 1994 204. Schmetzke, Axel. Disability-related Resources on the Internet. Intervention in School& Clinic, 1 Nov. 1996 69. Schwartz, Sue, PhD. Choices in Deafness A Parents Guide. New York Woodbine House, 1987. Vaughn, Sharon-Elbaum and Batya, E., et al. The effects of Inclusion on the Social Functioning of Students with Learning Disabilities. Journal of Learning Disabilities 1 Dec. 1996 598. Wilcox, Daryl J. and Wigle, Stanley E. Mainstreaming Revisited 20 Years Later. Education 22 March 1997 371-81.

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