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DATA MINING AND VISUALISATION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

DATA MINING AND VISUALISATION - Essay ExampleName of Algorithm Eulids Algorithm Criteria of the Eulids Algorithm To measure was delineate as placing shorter measuring length S in a successful times (q times) along a longer length (L), until the remaining portion (r) becomes slight than the shorter length (S). In other words, the remainder r = L q x s, q as the quotient is the modulus, which is the integer fractional par left after the division. In gild for this method to work well, the lengths starting the process ought to satisfy 2 requirements. First, the lengths need not be zero. Secondly, the subtraction need not be proper and the attempt should guarantee that of the two, the smaller must be subtracted from the larger one. Description of the Eulids Algorithm This algorithmic program was postulated by Euclid who poses a math problem. The problem is such that provided with 2 numbers that are not apex to each other one would find the greatest common measure for the two numbers . In this case, the number was be as the multitude consisting of units, a counting number, and a positive integer excluding zero. The original proof of the Euclid adds a third, in which the two lengths not being prime to the other. Euclid stipulated with a view to construct a proof that the common measure for the two numbers is in the greatest. ... This is again subtracted from 21 with the remainder being 14, from which 7 is subtracted. In this case, seven would be left. However, seven cannot be subtracted from 7 (Yanhong, 2002). The diagram below shows the Euclids algorithm. Advantages of Euclids algorithm Euclids algorithm has various advantages. First, the algorithm involves step-by-step rep. of the solution to any given problem and it also has a definite procedure hence it is quite indulgent understanding it. It is quite subdued developing and converting it to the flowchart and finally developing it into a computer program. Additionally, the algorithm is independent of the pr ogramming language, and given that every step has its logical sequence it is easy debugging it. Disadvantages of the Eudlids algorithm. The use and development process of the algorithm is jolly cumbersome, as well as time consuming given that the algorithm has to be develop first, then be converted into a flowchart and finally a computer program. Name of the algorithm Force-based Criteria of Force-based algorithm The force-based algorithms often achieve the pattern through assigning forces in a set of edges, along with the set of nodes. In this case, the straight forward method entails assigning forces as though the edges were springs and nodes as though they were particles that were electrically charged. The graph is stimulated as though it were the physical system with the forces being applied on the nodes, by pulling the nodes together and pushing the somewhat further apart. The process is repeated iteratively until when the system reaches the equilibrium state. In this case, the relative positions of the nodes are not altered from one position to the other. The graph is then worn at such

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