Thursday, June 13, 2019

Evidence-Based Management Practice Research Paper

Evidence-Based Management Practice - Research Paper ExampleRelating to this particular research, it can be apparently discover that both the aforesaid staffing methods are used in an extensive manner in various hospitals, ensuring greater patient security. For smooth adoption along with murder of the above-discussed methods, it is to be affirmed that certain vital aspects need to be taken into concern. These aspects comprise an identification of staffing levels and recognition of nurse-sensitive outcomes among others. The deuce crucial factors that comprise deficiency of registered nurses and increase workload have every potential towards threatening the health as well as the quality of care of the individuals. From the viewpoint of evidence-based management practice, it is to be say that nurse staffing is often regarded as one of the crucial factors which broadly determines the nature of the outcomes of the patients by a greater level (Clarke & Donaldson, n.d.). It can be stated that two vital aspects like patient acuity and Hours Per Patient Day (HPPD) play a decisive role in affecting the satisfaction heaps of the patients at large particularly in an intrapartum nursing unit based setting. In this regard, HPPD is regarded as a frequent expression which tends to justify the level of man-hours needed for lovingness patients in hospitals. In precise, this particular facet trails as well as measures the time that the nurses serve to the patients for enhancing their health along with well-being (Mediware Information Systems, 2013).... is to determine whether HPPD or patient acuity notion the scores relating to patient satisfaction or not especially in an intrapartum nursing unit based system. B. The Question On the basis of the above discussion, the research question can be framed as Does staffing an intrapartum nursing unit based on HPPD versus patient acuity effect patient satisfaction scores? By taking into concern the above framed question, it can be evented as well as analyzed with the take over of PICO format P or Population is the registered nurses I or Intervention is the adoption, execution along with the advancement of current management nursing practices in staffing for providing come apart care services to the patients in an intrapartum nursing unit based system C or Comparison is to watch and develop the performances of the registered nurses O or force is to offer effective care to the patients in an intrapartum nursing unit based setting II. Literature Search, Review and Synthesis Article 1 Nurse Staffing and fiber of Patient Care by AHRQ (2007) What themes emerged from these studies? One of the significant themes of this particular study is that both patient acuity as well as HPPD affects satisfaction scores of the patients broadly in different nursing unit based settings. These settings comprise surgical, intensive care units and intrapartum among others (AHRQ, 2007). Does the studies support/not support the mana gement practice/answer the question? In order to resolve whether the aspects of HPPD or patient acuity affect satisfaction scores of the patients, it can be apparently observed in this particular study that both the aforesaid important aspects support the evidence-based management practice. This is in terms of recognizing the increased effect

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