Sunday, August 11, 2019

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Management - Essay Example Various undertakings require examination before undertaking them so as to enable for sound judgment. Figuring out objectives and then setting up a plan on now to reach the targets is one key technique of efficient planning. One major planning tool that happens to be efficient is enquiring from the individuals carrying out the various tasks for their input. Making it happen happens to be the next procedure of the management process after obtaining a plan. The management ought to ascertain that everything required to implement to the management plan is set or is available when required. It is imperative to confirm that everyone comprehends their role and significance their role contributes to the general success. The following procedure involves telling individuals whatever they are required to perform. It is crucial to make certain everything is running according to plan. When there exists a setback, management is charged with the role of stepping in to modify the plan. Managing is no t a simple task. Nonetheless, it can be performed successfully with the experience being very rewarding. In the management process, matters that could be derailing the efficiency of individuals often pop up from the actions they are involved in that are time consuming. Internet email tends to be abused by the individuals working for various organizations. It is in this light that this report is looking to examine the management reasons that lead to their decisions to banning the use of internal email within the organizations. This report also gives an example of some of the corporations or organizations that have resulted to the prohibition of internal email usage, highlighting whether the move is an effective tool for effective management (Daft, 2011, 123). Phones 4U administrator is part of the emerging team of management that has called to the end of staff facing up their work without engaging in the utilization of email. Phones 4U ironically commends the virtues of contemporary communications to customers, however, the staff has been prohibited from utilizing one of the world’s most inexhaustible tools of communication, email. The holder of this chain’s multi-millionaire commercial holding, John Caudwell has the faith that the 2,500 staff has wasted a lot of time receiving and sending emails, rather than adequate time dealing and serving the customers face to face. The owner believes the email prohibition resulted in a dramatic and affirmative effect. According to John Caudwell, the email was insidiously overrunning Phones 4U. There had been signs by the management and staff, as well, at the firm’s headquarters and its stores, that the email propagation was inhibiting their effectiveness. The time spent per day after the ban, as articulated by Caudwell, amounted to three hours, which translated to a saving of ?6m each month. The industry players analyzed the move by Caudwell as a means to rejuvenate Phones 4U in its quest to take on it s major competitors, such as Carpfone Warehouse. On the contrary, some market analysts view such measures by managements differently. After chopping the hard expenditures to the bone, focus has shifted to the malleable expenditure, the individual time spent on the practices of management that have for years gone by unnoticed. The requirement for outstanding managers is ever present. The unprocessed number of managers required is declining. This has been necessitated by the networks

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