Monday, August 12, 2019

Project Mgmt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project Mgmt - Essay Example having at least one member of senior management represented on a steering committee (Englund & Bucero, p.88) that meets periodically to review the direction, milestones, progress, and costs of the project. A concise summary should be presented periodically to the steering committee with a clear outline of any expectations from senior management. Another way is to agree on a project sponsor within the client organization who champions the cause of the project and liaises with all stakeholders. The sponsor is then given the responsibility to maintain the â€Å"upper management link† for the project (Englund & Bucero, p.10). Underlining this involvement is continued communication while taking care that problems that could be resolved at a lower level are not escalated to the steering committee or the senior management (Lester, 2007, p. 87). Clear statement of requirements: A clear definition of requirements for the project determines the planning and direction of the entire project. Requirements must be discussed and defined thoroughly and documented in a Requirements Specification Document. This is directly linked with the list of deliverables which then sets the direction the project will take (Cleland & Ireland, 2007, p. 271). It is also essential to keep in place change control procedures as some requirements may change over time and must again be clearly stated and incorporated into the project plan if accepted (Cleland & Ireland, 2007, p. 271). Accurate documentation of requirements results from interviews and discussions and must be signed off by all stakeholders reflecting the agreement on their clarity, accuracy, assumptions, and correlation with the deliverables. An engineer at Morton Thiokol suspected that the O-rings in the space shuttle Challenger’s solid rocket boosters were faulty and would not work at low temperatures below the threshold of 53 degrees. On the ill fated day of the disaster, the temperatures were expected to be 10 degrees below

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