Thursday, August 8, 2019

Managing Oneself and What You Dont Know About Making Decisions, Term Paper

Managing Oneself and What You Dont Know About Making Decisions, - Term Paper Example I can surely say that I am good at management because I was in charge of my own salon and spent 32 years running it. My management skills thus were developing gradually year after year as I was gaining more and more experience. I can surely get on well with colleagues and subordinates with the help of courtesy and efficient communicative skills. I was always aware of the internal atmosphere in my salon because I often communicated to the people who worked there. I always considered effective delegation of responsibilities to be an important aspect of good management. It is crucial to know how approve, encourage ad criticize employees without hurting anyone. People need to know that their efforts will contribute to the general success that is why I aimed to underline my workers` achievements when appropriate. The most difficult part for me was to learn how to distribute tasks and responsibilities among employees equally and how to maintain constant balance. Moreover, it was crucial for me to arrange effective communication within a team at my absence. I consider leadership skills to be the core of good management and I can say that my leadership technique and abilities required a lot of efforts and time to get improved. Leadership presupposes abilities to organize and to motivate team and control its performance (Leatherman, 2010). It was a challenge for me to create a team out of people who did not know each other and could not rely on each other but after some preparation and time I managed to build trust and create clarity among my colleagues. Nevertheless, there is still strong necessity to enhance my existing strengths to make my performance even more efficient. First, I would pay more attention to the effective criticism which is a part of my communication skills. Being a leader requires an ability to criticize subordinates from time to time and

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