Monday, August 26, 2019

Marketing Communication Strategy - Sales Promotion Assignment

Marketing Communication Strategy - Sales Promotion - Assignment Example   Direct marketing is a channel form of advertising that helps business as well as non-profit organisations to directly communicate with the customers with the help of various advertising techniques like online display of ads, catalogue distribution, mobile messaging, promotional letters etc. Advertising is a form of communication that helps to persuade the audience to take some action. The action would be to purchase the product or service. An efficient and effective marketing communication mix is essential otherwise the company will not survive in the competitive marketplace. Effective marketing communication with customers is essential in order to generate profits and sales. Now in the context of the project, the two companies that have been chosen to demonstrate the usage of the mentioned communication mixes are KFC and McDonalds. Both KFC, as well as McDonald's, hugely invest in their communication strategy. The report will begin by providing a brief introduction to the chosen companies as it will help to relate the subject more efficiently. The report will also highlight the 3 major marketing communication mixes used by them in the marketplace. Apart from that, the report will also emphasize the importance and scope of the mentioned communication mix. In the context of the project, the following three major elements used as the promotional elements are advertisements, sales promotion and public relation. The effectiveness and efficiency of marketing communication strategies of KFC and McDonalds are:- Sales Promotion: - Sales promotion is amongst the seven elements of the promotional mix. Examples of sales promotion include the contest, discount coupons, product samples and various other freebies (Gartner and Bellamy, 2009, p.350). Now in the context of the project, KFC makes use of sales promotion to a large extent. The company uses the following tools in order to further improve the sales. It includes coupons, premiums and entertainment. Every outlet of KFC offers the different type of incentives such as coupons, the free add-on, and the free meal to the customers for the purpose of selling.     

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