Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Grapes of Wrath Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Grapes of Wrath - Essay Example The film and the book reveal the plight of individuals who are earnestly working to ease suffering alongside other circumstances that are purely not of their making. With no suggestions being offered either in the book or film, Ma Joad announces that the solution to unemployment will be the duty of the people. To this note, the movie ends with a lot of optimism that someday somewhere, there will be a reprieve. (Finn, 2) The film portrays two main themes. In the entire movie, maturity is clearly shown; this is the concept that life’s process requires a rebirth of the mind. Amidst the difficulties that people encounter, one is not to give up, you need to renew your strength and carry on with the struggle because sometimes, a good day comes and things become different and better. Peoples past experiences have revealed that whenever puts on a new face in the midst of trouble, your efforts never fade until finally showers of hope come along. The theme of maturity is revealed in many experiences that the family until, at its end, the film provides an optimism that things will get better. Secondly, the theme of mistreatment comes out clearly in the theme; residents are made to encounter hardships in the hands of the mighty people. Views in the ‘Okie’ Californian camps expose conditions where people are greatly deprived of life’s necessities. The state troops and the local police push about the people and the visitors that are unwelcomed in a foreign land. The whole movie brings to us a story that has merciless treatments. It is only in one spot where the visitors find solace; the governments agricultural camp in the northern California. This is a highly captivating narrative, very natural and pure. It’s a classical novel, about a poor family which is made to travel to look for a greener pastures a place of comfort, where they can live in peace and afford a decent life. The family sets to California where

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