Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Museum spaces and department stores are both phantasmagoric spaces Essay

Museum spaces and department stores are both phantasmagoric spaces - Essay Example The viewer was not able to comprehend the meaning of swiftly and chaotically changing images and thus, could only perceive them as paranormal. Since the inception of time, projection and external beam effect techniques have been used by the magicians and theater to induce their viewers to believe-in, what is displayed for them. The same strategy is adapted by museums and lately it has also been used by the department stores. The psychological implication behind this technique is to produce inimitable impression on the spectators so they can believe the clairvoyant quality of the article on display. The aura, visual light effects, structure of the building and their rapidly changing aspect make these articles exclusive in the museum. Therefore, maximum attention is paid on the surrounding of the article to give it a mystic touch. Kapferer (2002) sheds light on why any space becomes phantasmagoric space and when any space is disjoined from the day to day life thus, due to its unusual a ttributes then such a space would be entitled for phantasmagoric space. Furthermore, he explains that phantasmagoric spaces entail generative forces, which represent them as distinctive. Their aura is beyond comparison as they stand apart from the rest of the world. ‘Victoria and Albert Museum’ of London embraces the premium collection of world’s finest decorative of arts. It represents the art and design collection of over 3000 years, which is worth approximately 4.5 million. The art, design and housing decorative of ‘V & A’ represent innovation and diversity of human kind. The marble sculpture of ‘Samson slaying a Philistine’ by Giambolanga (1560-2) is design inspired from the ‘Book of judges’ (An episode of the old Testament) (Samson, 2006). The seven feet tall large-scale sculpture is well defined in its sense of movement and ‘V & A museum’ authorities have kept it wisely in a central court gallery, where na tural light of sun and dramatic shadows of the surroundings imitate realistic attributes in the sculpture. The architecture of the building is in North Italian Renaissance style with a centralized grand auditorium. In the two storey museum the sculpture is placed amidst in one of the galleries, where viewers can observe them and get enchanted. The English gothic art architecture of ceiling has a rectangular opening in between to throw natural light on the sculptures. ‘The HammerBeam ceiling inspiration’ also entails Italic Vault style in the remaining curving part of the roof. (Courtesy of V & A Museum, 2013 1) The objective of creating a exclusive aura was to display the worth of Giambolanga sculpture. The instrument of killing is carved in a manner that it shows a brutal action without hesitancy. The intertwined figures are portrayed on a differentiated surface. Hence, the lifelike sculptor has a medieval surrounding to give it a complete phantasmagoric effect. The sp ace is edified by a backdrop of carved wood temple and wall. The strap against Samson chest entails the inscription of ‘I†¦. BELGAE†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Victoria and Albert Museum). Though, the inscription is not visible from distance, but with a closer view; it develops the aura of steadfastness and identification. The Caesarean region and tribes

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